Resource List of Pre-Qualified Artists
July 2009 - July 2012

This list will be made available to the City's project managers and consultants as a method of selecting artists to be hired, as part of a design team, if needed, to assist with the inclusion of artistic architectural elements into Capital Improvement Projects such as the construction or remodel of public facilities and/or public infrastructure projects paid for wholly or in part by the City of Chico. These artists will remain on the Resourse List of Pre-Qualified Artists for three years.


Dayton Claudio, Chico CA

Elizabeth Devereaux, Chico CA

Richard Deutsch, Davenport CA

Gordon Huether, Napa CA

Janice Hofmann, Chico CA

Susan Larsen, Chico CA

Jeff Lindsay, Chico CA

Margo Majewska, San Francisco CA

Tony Natsoulas, Sacramento CA

Gregg Payne, Chico CA

Eric Powell, Berkeley CA

Glen Rogers, San Jose CA

Jos Sances, Oakland CA

Vickie Jo Sowell, Emeryville CA

Diana Walker-Smith, Sacramento CA

Ann Weber, Emeryville CA