Bicycle Advisory Committee (BAC) Past Agendas

The League of American Bicyclist awarded the City of Chico a Gold Level Award for 2016 to 2020


The City of Chicoís Traffic Division encourages the use of bicycles for transportation. Moreover, the City provides accommodations for bicyclists on many roads, like the numerous bike racks in the downtown area and the dozens of classified bike paths and lanes throughout the city. The infrastructure is there, so why not use it?

Chico Bicycle Plan 2019 Update

The Chico Bicycle Plan 2019 Update was adopted by Chico's City Council on April 16, 2019. To view/download the document, click here Chico Bicycle Plan 2019 Update

To view the proposed bicycle facilities in Google Earth format click here 3D Map


Before using a bicycle for transportation needs, always know the standard bicycle safety practices and always follow the rules of the road.

Additional informational links for biking in Chico:

Bicycle License

Click here to learn more about licensing your bicycle.

Bidwell Park Trail Information

Trail Closure

Health Benefits on the Job

Bicycle commuting can get you to work on time just as well as driving and will put you in a better mood too. Consequently, some experts link higher fitness levels to higher work place productivity. This is attributed to decreased absenteeism, more energetic employees, reduced health care costs, and increased employee satisfaction. And bicycle commuting is a great way to squeeze regular exercise into a hectic schedule. Just use your commuting time to stay in shape. Forty minutes of brisk cycling can burn more than 400 calories.

Benefits to You and the Community

Bicycle commuting can help to reduce roadway congestion. Many streets and highways carry more traffic than they were designed to handle, resulting in gridlock, wasted time and energy, pollution, and driver frustration. Even the most powerful sports car crawls along slowly in congested traffic, while bicyclists ride around it. And bicycling requires less space per traveler than automobiles. Plus, parking a vehicle isnít always as simple as it seems. But you can park a bike quickly and close to your destination, therefore reducing parking congestion in difficult places like the campus area. Additionally, add up what you spend getting to work or school every day by car and then compare that cost to cycling. Bicycle commuting saves you parking fees, fuel cost, insurance premiums, and auto maintenance costs.

Benefits to the Environment

Autos are the single largest source of U.S. air pollution. Short trips, those trips that are easily completed using a bicycle, are up to three times more polluting per mile than long trips. Sixty percent of the pollution created by automobile emissions happens in the first few minutes of operation, before pollution control devices can work effectively. Since "cold starts" create high levels of emissions, shorter car trips are more polluting on a per-mile basis than longer trips.

More bicycle use means less benzene, cyanide, lead, carbon monoxide, Chlorofluorocarbons (CFC), sulfates, and ozone in the air we breathe. And since the bicycle season matches the ground-level ozone season, by biking instead of driving you contribute to pollution prevention when it is most needed.

Chico is a fantastic place to make a contribution to the environment, for our flat landscape, cycle friendly roads, and community size make cycle commuting easy. Please see our Bicycle Plan for more information on City facilities.