The Press Information Office is a central location for the media and community to obtain information and press releases regarding the newsworthy events in which the Chico Police Department has played a role. Media outlets and public agencies wishing to receive

department press releases submit an email address here.

2019 - Press Releases

05:20:19 Stabbing and Robbery

05:18:19 Train vs ped

05:15:19 Shoplifting-Target

05:15:19 Brandishing Arrest

05:10:19: Reckless Evading Police

05:07:19: Sex Offender and Child Pornography

05:06:19: Assault Battery

05:04:19: Shots heard: Armed Felon Arrested

05:02:19: Robbery Arrest

05:02:19: Rapist Apphrended

04:30:19: Man with Gun at Enloe Hospital

04:29:19: Downtown Fight

04:29:19: Reckless Driver Appehended

04:29:19: Residential Burglar Apprehended

04:28:19: Stabbing

04:28:19: Shots Fired

04:28:19: Stolen Vehicle Pursuit

04:26:19: Burglary and Stolen Vehicle

04:25:19: Shooting into an Unoccupied Vehicle

04:24:19: Shoplifting at Home Depot

04:24:19: Mill Street Burglary

04:22:19: Robbery on Lassen Ave.

04:22:19: Train vs. Pedestrian Collision

04:22:19: Domestic Dispute with Firearm

04:20:19: Assault with Firearm

04:18:19: Motorcyclist and Single Car Collision

04:18:19: Strong Arm Robbery

04:18:19: Arrest 20th Street Park

04:18:19: City Plaza Vandalism

04:15:19: Vehicle Collision (UPDATE)

04:14:19: Armed Robbery (UPDATE)

04:13:19: Vehicle Collision

04:13:19: Armed Robbery

04:05:19: Stolen Vehicle Recovery and Stolen Property Arrest

04:02:19: Weather Event Floods Roadways and Residences

04:02:19: Cesar Chavez Holiday Weekend

04:01:19: Pursuit Leads to Arrest of Two Felons for Drug and Gun Possession

03:31:19: Cesar Chavez Weekend Turns Dangerous

03:29:19: Vehicle vs. Pedestrian Collision on Nord Avenue & W. 1st Street

03:28:19: Storage Unit Burglary - Two in Custody

03:27:19: Shoplifters Arrested

03:24:19: Man Arrested for Battery on an Officer and Resisting with Violence

03:23:19: Home Invasion Robbery - Suspects Arrested

03:21:19: Assault with a Firearm

03:20:19: Robbery

03:18:19: Armed Robbery (UPDATE)

03:15:19: Armed Robbery

03:15:19: Hit and Run Collision

03:13:19: Cemetery Vandalism

03:12:19: Multiple Vehicle Vandalism Update

03:07:19: Threats at Pleasant Valley High School

03:07:19: Robbery/Homicide (UPDATE)

03:06:19: Airport Disruption

03:06:19: Shoplifting Home Depot (UPDATED)

03:06:19: Shoplifting Home Depot

03:05:19: Stabbing on Nord Ave.

03:05:19: Stabbing by Juvenile

02:28:19: Stabbing on Broadway

02:28:19: Shooting Update

02:26:19: Rite Aid Robbery Suspect Arrested

02:26:19: K-Mart Shoplifter Arrested

02:25:19: Car Thief Apprehended

02:25:19: Phone Fraud

02:24:19: Stabbing Update (Arrest)

02:23:19: Shooting

02:23:19: Multiple Vehicle Vandalism

02:23:19: Robbery

02:23:19: Stabbing

02:14:19: Petty Theft

02:12:19: Serial Burgler Arrested

02:12:19: Domestic Violence Arrest

02:11:19: Robbery

02:11:19: Attempted Vehicle Theft

02:10:19: Wanted Felon Apprehended After Ramming Police Vehicle

02:10:19: Possession of Stolen Property Arrest

02:08:19: Burglary Arrest

02:05:19: Drug Interdiction

02:03:19: Robbery

01:31:19: Stolen Vehicle

01:31:19: Sexual Assault

01:30:19: Possession of Stolen Property

01:25:19: Robbery at Rite Aid

01:24:19: Scholarship (Mounted Enforcement Team)

01:24:19: Assault with a Deadly Weapon

01:14:19: Robbery Mangrove Ave.

01:11:19: Information Request

01:10:19: Shooting Update - Arrests Made

01:06:19: Armed Robbery Nord Avenue

01:05:19: Shooting Warner Street

01:03:19: Armed Robbery Mangrove Ave

2018 - Press Releases

12:29:18: Peace Officer Memorial

12:29:18: Two Robberies in 24 Hours

12:19:18: Armed Robbery

12:13:18: Bomb Hoax

12:07:18: Robbery at a Gas Station

12:07:18: Stolen Vehicle Pursuit

12:04:18: Vehicle Hit and Run Arrest

12:04:18: Armed Robbery Arrest

12:04:18: Harmful Matter Sent to a Minor Arrest

11:28:18: Robbery/Homicide

11:28:18: Felony Vandalism Arrest

11:27:18: Assault with Deadly Weapon

11:19:18: Robbery/Homicide - 1100 block of W. 2nd Street

11:16:18: Naloxone Deployment at the Chico Mall

11:11:18: Prowling Arrest at Chico Fire Station #1

11:05:18: Update - Vehicle Vs. Motorcycle Collision

11:04:18: Armed Robbery at Dutch Bros Coffee on Esplanade

11:04:18: Vehicle vs. Motorcycle Collision

11:04:18: Overdose - Narcan Nasal Spray used

11:03:18: Jewelry Robbery at the Chico Mall

11:03:18: Fatal Train Collision

11:02:18: Stray Dog Spotted on Freeway

11:02:18: Arrest for Possession of Stolen Property

11:01:18: Halloween Arrest Statistics

11:01:18: Missing Juvenile

10:29:18: Theft of a Firearm

10:28:18: Shooting into Inhabited Dwelling

10:28:18: Warner Street Shooting

10:26:18: Robbery and Assault (UPDATE)

10:25:18: Home Invasion Robbery

10:25:18: Robbery and Assault

10:23:18: Subject Arrested for Driving Under the Influence / Hit & Run

10:21:18: Reckless Vehicle Pursuit and Collision

10:12:18: Vehicle vs. Pedestrian Injury Collision

10:09:18: Costly Shoplifts

10:04:18: Stabbing - 600 Block of W 6th Street

10:02:18: Unknown Shooter

10:01:18: Coffee with a Cop

09:27:18: Wanted Subject Apprehended by K-9

09:27:18: Indecent Exposure

09:27:18 Felony Hit & Run

09:26:18: Assault with a Guitar

09:23:18: Hit and Run Collision

09:23:18: Shooting Investigation

09:21:18: Assault on an Officer

09:21:18: Suicidal Subject

09:21:18: Discharge of a Firearm

09:15:18: Walgreens Armed Robbery

09:12:18: Chico High Burglary Arrest

09:12:18: Shoplifting

09:09:18: Black Bear Sighting

09:07:18: Stabbing - Little Chico Creek

09:06:18: Shooting Downtown

09:05:18: Labor Day 2018 Arrests

09:03:18: Burglary Arrest

09:03:18: Stabbing

08:30:18: Suspect Arrested on Stolen Bicycle

08:30:18: Part One Crime Statistics 2018

08:29:18: Arrest of TJ Maxx Shoplifters

08:28:18: Suspect Arrested in Possession of Stolen Bicycle

08:25:18: Possession of Stolen Firearm and Methamphetamine

08:21:18: Vehicle Burglary Arrest

08:19:18: Redding Fire Theft Arrest

08:18:18: Robbery

08:18:18: Train Collides with Vehicle

08:16:18: Homicide

08:13:18: Street Crimes Unit - Week Eleven

08:12:18: Armed Robbery Arrest

08:12:18: Felon in Possession

08:05:18: Naloxone Deployment

08:05:18: Street Crimes Unit - Week Ten

08:05:18: Bomb Scare

08:03:18: Stolen Vehicle from School Campus

07:31:18: Retail Watch & National Night Out Press Conference (8/7/18)

07:31:18: Assault During Shoplift

07:31:18: Shooting and Robbery

07:30:18: Robbery

07:29:18: Vehicle Pursuit and Collision

07:29:18: Street Crimes Unit - Week Nine

07:29:18: Felon Found in Possession of a Firearm

07:23:18: Stolen Vehicle and Fatality (UPDATE)

07:22:18: Street Crimes Unit - Week Eight

07:22:18: Stolen Vehicle and Fatality

07:16:18: TARGET Officers Transition to Bicycle Patrol

07:15:18: Street Crimes Unit -Week Seven

07:14:18: Good Alcohol Practices Training

07:14:18: Assault with Bodily Injury Update

07:14:18: Assault with Bodily Injury

07:13:18: Felon in Possession of Firearm

07:09:18: Street Crimes Unit - Week Six

07:02:18: Assault with a Deadly Weapon - Big Lots

07:02:18: Street Crimes Unit - Week Five

07:01:18: False Personation Arrest

06:30:18: Felon in Possession of a Firearm

06:29:18: Two Arrested after Stolen Vehicle Pursuit ends in Paradise

06:27:18: Street Crimes Unit Drug & Firearm Arrest

06:25:18: Street Crimes Unit Week Four

06:23:18: Arrest for Drug Sales & Firearm Possession

06:21:18: Vehicle Burglary/False Impersonation of Another

06:21:18: Armed Robbery

06:21:18: Missing Person - Whitney Wheaton (UPDATE)

06:20:18: Missing Person - Whitney Wheaton

06:20:18: Negligent Discharge of Firearm

06:20:18: Arrest for Assault with Deadly Weapon

06:17:18: Street Crimes Unit Week Three

06:17:18: Assault with a Knife

06:14:18: Stolen Vehicle Recovery

06:11:18: Possession of Firearm

06:10:18: Street Crimes Unit Week Two

06:07:18: Missing Person (Mills)

06:07:18: Lewd Act with a Child

06:07:18: Stolen Bicycle Recovered

06:05:18: Communities Come Together for National Night Out

06:03:18: Street Crimes Unit Week One

06:01:18: Street Crimes Search Warrant

05:31:18: Negligent Discharge of a Firearm

05:31:18: Summer Street Crimes Unit

05:29:18: Burglar Caught After Foot Pursuit

05:29:18: Vehicle vs. Pedestrian Update

05:28:18: Vehicle vs. Pedestrian

05:27:18: Possession of Concealed Weapon

05:27:18: Shooting with Arrests Made

05:25:18: Refusing to Leave

05:22:18: Road Rage Incident

05:17:18: Arrest for Willfully Distrubing a Public Meeting

05:16:18: National "Click it or Ticket" Mobilization Campaign

05:16:18: Shooting

05:14:18: Fraud - Possession of Stolen Property

05:11:18: Juvenile with a Gun

05:09:18: Felon in Possession of Stolen Firearm

05:09:18: Possession of Controlled Narcotics for Sale

05:08:18: Battery on a Child

05:07:18: Multiple Stabbings at House Party

05:06:18: Shooting into an Inhabited Dwelling

05:03:18: Shooting 600 Block West 7th Street

05:01:18: Vehicle Burglar Arrested

04:23:18: Armed Robbery - Two in Custody

04:23:18: Two Armed Robberies within 30 Minutes

04:19:18: Sex Offender Compliance Checks

04:19:18: Save Mart Robbery

04:18:18: Felon Fires Handgun

04:17:18: Vehicle Theft Arrest

04:17:18: Domestic Dispute

04:11:18: Update #2 - Attempted Assault on a Child

04:11:18: Domestic Violence Arrest

04:10:18: Busy Night and Morning for Chico Police Patrol Division

04:09:18: Update #1- Attempted Assault on a Child

04:09:18: Burglary Arrests on Cottage Avenue

04:08:18: Attempted Assault on a Child

04:07:18: Shooting into a Vehicle

04:05:18: Shooting (correction)

04:03:18: Slurpee Justice

04:02:18: Robbery at K-Mart

04:02:18: Vehicle Pursuit

03:31:18: Cesar Chavez Weekend

03:30:18: Wanted Individual Catches Herself

03:30:18: Shooting Update

03:29:18: Armed Subject

03:29:18: Shooting

03:29:18: Armed Aggressive Subject Taken into Custody

03:28:18: Battery Causing Serious Bodily Injury

03:26:18: Live Pets Not Good Easter Gifts

03:23:18: Attempted Murder

03:22:18: Missing Person

03:21:18: K9 Apprehension

03:19:18: Cell Phone Robbery

03:19:18: St. Patricks Day Event

03:16:18: Burglary Arrest

03:15:18: Media Advisory - 2017 Statistics Press Conference

03:10:18: Suicidal Subject

03:08:18: Chico Police Traffic Unit Announcement

03:08:18: Shots Fired Ceres Avenue

03:07:18: Barricaded Domestic Violence Suspect Arrested

03:06:18: Update to Shots Fired into a Moving Vehicle near West 6th Street and Walnut Street

03:06:18: Burglary Arrest

02:26:18: Chico Police Main Phone Number Used as Part of an IRS Phone Scam

02:22:18: Update to Man Assaulted and Stabbed in North Chico

02:22:18: Multiple Vehicle Collision on Vallombrosa Avenue and Mangrove Avenue

02:22:18: Chico Police Responds to Three In-Progress Felony Crimes

02:21:18: Shots Fired into a Moving Vehicle near West 6th Street and Walnut Street

02:21:18: Arrest for Shoplifting and Warrants at Walmart

02:20:18: Man Assaulted and Stabbed in North Chico

02:18:18: Driving Under the Influence and Battery on a Police Officer

02:18:18: Shots into a Residence

02:17:18: Armed Robberies and Gunshot Victim

02:17:18: Chico Police Arrest Wanted Felon Driving a Stolen Vehicle/Narcotic Violations

02:16:18: Chico Police Investigate Assault with a Deadly Weapon

02:15:18: Chico Police Take Preemptive Measures in Opioid Crisis

02:11:18: Stolen Bicycle Recovery

02:08:18: Chico Police Respond to Fatal Collision

02:06:18: Chico Police Investigate Assault on a Female in the 2000 Block of Amanda Way

02:06:18: Chico Police Seek Suspect in Reported Assault

02:03:18: Chico Police Investigate Two Overnight Shootings

01:31:18: Chico Police and Park Rangers Protect Upper Bidwell Park

01:24:18: Police Response to Domestic Call for Help Prompts School Lockdowns

01:23:18: Chico Police Nab Oklahoma Man Threatening Juvenile

01:23:18: Chico Animal Shelter Recipient of PetSmart Charities Grant

01:20:18: Chico Police Conduct January Theft Operation

01:19:18: Chico Police Assist Distraught Man On 20th Street Overpass

01:18:18: Sex Offender Compliance Violation

01:12:18: Shoplifting and Warrant Arrest

01:11:18: Tax Season 2018 Protect Yourself and Your Money from Scammers

01:05:18: Armed Robbery Suspect Arrest

01:04:18: Christmas Eve Shooting Suspect In Custody

01:04:18 Chico Police Records Division Announces New Hours

2017 - Press Releases

12:29:17: Line of Duty Deaths Ceremony

12:24:17: Chico Police Investigate Christmas Eve Shooting

12:23:17: Chico Police Investigate Fatal Collision Skyway at Forest

12:22:17: Chico Police Crack Down on Holiday Theft

12:08:17: Law Enforcement County Wide Pursuit Ends in Arrests

12:07:17: Chico Police Join County Agencies Offering CodeRED Emergency Notification System

12:06:17: Police Arrest Suspect Linked to Burglary in South Chico

12:05:17: Burnap Avenue Shooting Incident

11:26:17: Chico Police Save Distraught Wioman From 99 Overpass

11:22:17: Road Rage Subject Attempts Striking Officers

11:21:17: Chico Police Identify Victim of N. Cherry Street Homicide

11:21:17: We Are Thankful for Our Pets Thanksgiving Safety Tips

11.22.17: Chico Police Recover Stolen Firearm

11:17:17: Strong Arm Robbery Linked to Cell Phones

11:16:17: Counterfeit Bill Leads Chico Police to Known Felon

11:15:17: Halloween Shooting Investigation Update Released

11:13:17: Update Hit and Run Subject Comes Forward

11:09:17 UPDATE - Hit and Run Fatality Investigation

11:09:17: Car Vs. Pedestrian Fatality Hit and Run Investigation

11:08:17: Chico Police Investigate Missing Juvenile

11:05:17: Chico Police Investigate Assault with a Deadly Weapon

11:04:05: Hit and Run Investigation

11.02.17: Accidental Shooting Incident Investigation

11.01:17: Update Chico Police Investigate Shooting Incident

11.01.17: Chico Police Release 2017 Halloween Statistics

11.01.17: Chico Police Investigate Shooting Incident

10:26:17: Take the FRIGHT Out of Halloween for Pets

10:26:17: Chico Police Take Proactive Approach to Halloween 2017

10:25:17: Man Arrested After Brandishing Firearm

10:25:17: Chico Police Bust Car Break-In Bandit

10:17:17: Police Respond to Chico Women Assaulted

10:17:17: High School Burglar Identified

10:12:17: Chico Police Nab Shoplifter and Residential Burglar

10:09:17: Female Assaulted and Robbed

10:09:17: Foot Pursuit Ends on Pleasant Valley High School Campus

10:05:17: Chico Police Halt Actions of Habitual Accused Thief

10:03:17: Chico Police Department Award-Winning k9 Makes Narcotics and Weapons Bust

10:02:17: Chico Police Arrest Robbery and Shooting-Homicide Suspects

10:01:17: Chico Police Investigate Shooting Homicide

09:28:17: Motorcycle Fatality Victim Identified

09:27:17: Garden Park Drive Shooting Investigation

09:24:17: Chico Police Investigate Fatal Traffic Collision

09:23:17: Chico Police Investigate West 7th Street Shooting Incident

09:17:17: Hit and Run Traffic Collision Investigation

09:16:17: Stabbing and Robbery Investigation

09:15:17: Bruce Road and Old Humboldt Road Shooting Investigation

09:15:17: Chico Power Equipment Attempted Robbery

09:09:17: Chico Police Update on Weekend Shooting Incident

09:08:17: Chico Police Honor September Employee of the Month

09:08:17: Chico Police Double as Pop Stars of Community Policing

08:29:17: Wallet Lifting Woman Skips Court and Strikes Again

08:23:17: Go Behind the Scenes of the Chico Police Department CPA

08:16:17: Chico Police Protect Domestic Violence Victim

08:08:17: Not On My Watch Would Be Victim Flips Script on Burglary Suspect

08:08:17: Connecting with The Community Highlights National Night Out

08:03:17: Chico Police Department CTeam Sees Successful Summer

07:27:17: Removing Illicit Drugs from Community

07:25.17: In the Line of Duty Chico Police Members Sustain Injuries Prior to Fatal Shooting

07:25:17: Chico Police Department to Host National Night Out Event

07:24:17: Late Night Assault Leads to Fatal Officer Involved Shooting

07.19.17: Chico Police Warn Against the Deadly Dangers of Drug Abuse

07:17:17: Chico Police Arrest Homicide Suspect

07:13:17: Chico Police Zero-In on Homicide Suspect in Less Than 24-Hours

07:11:17 Chico Police Nab Juveniles Suspected of Vandalism

07:06:17: Chico Police Department Takes Lead in Smart Alcohol Practices and Management

07:06:17: Missing Person Odneal Found

07:05:17 Chico Police Search for Missing Person 17-4174

07:05:17: Communities Come Together for National Night Out

07:05:17: Chico Police Support Wheelin with the Cops Adventure Program

06:30:17: Chico Police Investigate Head On Collision with Injuries

06:30:17: Chico Animal Shelter Promotes Fourth of July Pet Safety

06:29:17: Chico Police Take Dangerous Felon Off the Street

06:29:17: Chico Police Investigate Train Versus Pedestrian

06:21:17: Chico Police Link Highway 99 Crash Victim and Shooting Suspect

06.14.17: Chico Police Department Animal Control BOLO

06.13.17: Chico Police Seek Pepper-Spray and Zebra-Print Purse Suspect

06:08:17: Chico Police Take Two Men Off Streets with Wild West Shooting Arrests

06:07:17: Sex Offender Compliance Checks

06:07:17: Chico Police Assist in Emergency Call from First Responders

06:05:17: Suspicious Object Found

06:03:17: Stolen Vehicle Recovery Swift Water Rescue

06.01.17: Chico Police Department - Introduction of New Command Staff

05.28.17: Negligent Discharge of a Firearm at 1253 W 5th Street

05:23:17: Assault With A Deadly Weapon

05.23.17: DUI Crashes with Minor Injuries

05:19:17: Pets In Vehicles

05.19.17: Assault with a Deadly Weapon (Knife) at Fire Station 5

05.19.17: Pets in Vehicles in Warm Weather

05:19:17: Bicycles Back Home After Bike Thief is Busted

05:18:17: Chico Police Officer Takes Heart-Pumping Life-Saving Action

05.16.17: Chico PCAB Devotes Discussion to Mental Health Needs of Community

05.10.17: Negligent Discharge of a Firearm and Criminal Threats Arrest - Almond Street

05.09.17: Chico Police Department Event and Arrest Logs

05.08.17: Shooting Incident Algonkin and Sequoyah

05.05.17: Shooting - Algonkin Avenue and Sequoyah Avenue

05.05.17: Shooting - E. 11th Street and Park Avenue

05.04.17: Statement - Chico Police Department Urges Safety First for Cinco de Mayo Holiday Weekend

05.01.17: Vindication for Vandalized General Vang Pao Statue

04.26.17: Arrest of Wanted Fugitive

04.25.17: Missing Elderly Person Found

04.25.17: Missing Elderly Person from Oakmont Retirement Home

04.20.17: Chico Police Department Partners with Local Agencies to Stuff the Bus

04.19.17: Chico Police Department and Federal Bureau of Investigation Heat Up Cold Case Homicide

04.18.17: Media Advisory Chico Police and FBI Heat Up Cold Case Homicide Investigation

04.09.17: Shots into a Residence at 1205 N. Cedar Street

04.07.17 Chico Police Departmentís Animal Shelter Garners Rave Reviews in Fansí Choice Award

04.08.17: Robbery & Threats at Children's Playground

04.08.17: Attempted Murder at 647 W. 1st Avenue

04.06.17: Chico Police Department Set to Launch New Improved Mobile Application

04.05.17: Attempted Assault Against a Police Officer, Resisting & Possession of a Concealed Weapon

04.05.17: Felony Commercial Burglary at Red Mountain Green Cycles - Property Recovered/Suspect Arrested

04.04.17: Armed Robbery at The Cloud Smoke Shop - Suspect Unknown

04.03.17: Vandalism of General Vang Pao Memorial Statue - Suspect Unknown

04.02.17: 2017 Cesar Chavez Weekend Activity

04.02.17: Assault with a Deadly Weapon / Negligent Discharge of a Firearm on W. 4th Street

03/30/17: 7-Year Old Brings Loaded Gun to School at Parkview Elementary

03/29/17: Chico Police Encourage 'Safety First' During Cesar Chavez Celebrations

03/23/17: PSA - "Motion Picture Use Only" money bein circulated

03/23/17: Disturbing the Peace/Resisting Arrest on Broadway Street

03/20/17: Train Accident Involving Pedestrian

03/20/17: 2017 St. Patrick's Day Event Weekend

03/19/17: Negligent Discharge of a Firearm Causing Injury to a Child

03/16/17: Robbery/Assault at Target

03/15/17: Child Endangerment -Americaís Best Value Inn; 740 Broadway

03/15/17: Missing Juvenile Update

03/14/17: Missing Juvenile 2402 Cohasset Road

03/14/17: Chico Police Recognize Employees, Volunteers and Retirees During Annual Meeting

03/14/17: Shots Heard on Oak Way Park

03/10/17: Major Injury on 5th Street & Walnut Street

03/09/17: Negligent Discharge of a Firearm on Pomona Avenue

03/08/17: Drowning in Little Chico Creek near Cherry Street

03/07/17: Police Community Advisory Board Seeks Broader Community Collaboration

03/07/17: Chico Police Officer Honored as 'Woman of the Year' by California Lawmaker

03/07/17: Missing Juvenile Found

03/07/17: Missing Juvenile from Fairview High School

03/05/17: Shooting and Attempted Robbery

02/28/17: Arrest for Possession of a Controlled Substance for Sale

02/27/17: Dispatchers Rise Above Oroville Dam Spillway Challenge

02/26/17: Felony Arrest for Events that Began Chico Nissan Hyundai

02/21/17: Runaway Juvenile

02/21/17: Update on Missing Adult from 1100 Block of Dayton Road

02/21/17: Felon in Possession of a Firearm Near Chapman Elementary

02/21/17: Memorial Ceremony for Carleton Bruce on 02/22/17 at 10am

02/19/17: Missing Adults and Juveniles from Boys and Girls Club

02/16/17: Arrest for Attempted Murder on Davis Street

02/15/17: PSA - Scams Related to Oroville Spillway Incident

02/14/17: Search Warrant on 2100 Block Elm Street

02/06/17: Located Missing Juvenile

02/04/17: Attempt to Locate Missing Juvenile

02/02/17: Stabbing at Panera Bread

02/01/17: Located Missing Juvenile

02/01/17: Missing Juvenile from 2600 Block Ceanothus Avenue

01/27/17: Major Injury Collision on W 2nd Street & Hazel Street

01/27/17: Residential Burglary on the 300 Block of Black Oak Drive

01/25/17: Arrest for Assault on a Peace Officer, Criminal Threats, Resisting and Vandalism

01/24/17: Assalut with a Deadly Weapon at In-N-Out Burger

01/24/17: PSA - PG&E Scam

01/23/17: Voluntary Missing Adult

01/22/17: Deceased Female at the CARD Center on Vallombrosa Avenue

01/17/17: Decease Male Found - 100 Block of West 1st Street

01/12/17: Missing Juvenile Found

01/12/17: Update on Missing Juvenile from Marsh - Bicycle Description

01/11/17: Missing 12 Year Old from Marsh Junior High School

01/10/17: Update on Animal Abuse Case - Foster Placement

01/08/17: Shooting - E 16th Street

01/07/17: Shooting - W. Sacramento Avenue & N Cedar Street

2016 - Press Releases

12/21/16: Possession of Child Pornography Arrest

12/19/16: Stabbing on Ralland Circle

12/17/16: Suicidal Subject - Railroad Tracks/W 1st St

12/16/16: DUI Collision, Lindo Channel/Longfellow

12/14/16: Commercial Burlgary/Forgery Arrest

12/12/16: Attempt Robbery, Motel 6

12/12/16: PSA - Crime Prevention if Leaving Chico During the Holidays

12/11/16: Major Injury Collision, 3rd Ave/Mangrove

12/07/16: Attempt Vehicle Theft, 5th & Ivy St

12/09/16: Retirement of K9 Luna

12/07/16: Fatal Hit & Run Arrest, Nord Ave

12/07/16: PSA - Porch Pirates

12/06/16: Recovered Stolen Vehicle Arrest, Cameo Dr

12/05/16: PSA - Crime Prevention While Shopping During the Holidays

12/02/16: Prowling, 1400 Sunset Ave

12/01/16: Armed Robbery & Attempt Car Jack, 4900 Cohasset Rd

11/26/16: Recovered Stolen Vehicle, 11th Ave & Esplanade

11/26/16: Robbery at Urban Laundry on Main Street

11/26/16: Update to Animal Abuse Case

11/22/16: Animal Abuse on Nord Avenue

11/21/16: Mud Creek DUI

11/18/16: Battery, 624 Nord Ave

11/14/16: Stabbing, 1st/2nd Ave Alley

11/13/16: Robbery: Safeway Mangrove, Lowes, Orchard Supply Hardware

11/06/16: Fatal Collision, Hobart/Citrus Alley

11/03/16: Illegal Weapons, Narcotics, Stolen Property - Matador Motel

11/01/16: Halloween Statistics

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