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03/15/17: Child Endangerment -America’s Best Value Inn; 740 Broadway

03/15/17: Missing Juvenile Update

03/14/17: Missing Juvenile 2402 Cohasset Road

03/14/17: Chico Police Recognize Employees, Volunteers and Retirees During Annual Meeting

03/14/17: Shots Heard on Oak Way Park

03/10/17: Major Injury on 5th Street & Walnut Street

03/09/17: Negligent Discharge of a Firearm on Pomona Avenue

03/08/17: Drowning in Little Chico Creek near Cherry Street

03/07/17: Police Community Advisory Board Seeks Broader Community Collaboration

03/07/17: Chico Police Officer Honored as 'Woman of the Year' by California Lawmaker

03/07/17: Missing Juvenile Found

03/07/17: Missing Juvenile from Fairview High School

03/05/17: Shooting and Attempted Robbery

02/28/17: Arrest for Possession of a Controlled Substance for Sale

02/27/17: Dispatchers Rise Above Oroville Dam Spillway Challenge

02/26/17: Felony Arrest for Events that Began Chico Nissan Hyundai

02/21/17: Runaway Juvenile

02/21/17: Update on Missing Adult from 1100 Block of Dayton Road

02/21/17: Felon in Possession of a Firearm Near Chapman Elementary

02/21/17: Memorial Ceremony for Carleton Bruce on 02/22/17 at 10am

02/19/17: Missing Adults and Juveniles from Boys and Girls Club

02/16/17: Arrest for Attempted Murder on Davis Street

02/15/17: PSA - Scams Related to Oroville Spillway Incident

02/14/17: Search Warrant on 2100 Block Elm Street

02/06/17: Located Missing Juvenile

02/04/17: Attempt to Locate Missing Juvenile

02/02/17: Stabbing at Panera Bread

02/01/17: Located Missing Juvenile

02/01/17: Missing Juvenile from 2600 Block Ceanothus Avenue

01/27/17: Major Injury Collision on W 2nd Street & Hazel Street

01/27/17: Residential Burglary on the 300 Block of Black Oak Drive

01/25/17: Arrest for Assault on a Peace Officer, Criminal Threats, Resisting and Vandalism

01/24/17: Assalut with a Deadly Weapon at In-N-Out Burger

01/24/17: PSA - PG&E Scam

01/23/17: Voluntary Missing Adult

01/22/17: Deceased Female at the CARD Center on Vallombrosa Avenue

01/17/17: Decease Male Found - 100 Block of West 1st Street

01/12/17: Missing Juvenile Found

01/12/17: Update on Missing Juvenile from Marsh - Bicycle Description

01/11/17: Missing 12 Year Old from Marsh Junior High School

01/10/17: Update on Animal Abuse Case - Foster Placement

01/08/17: Shooting - E 16th Street

01/07/17: Shooting - W. Sacramento Avenue & N Cedar Street

12/21/16: Possession of Child Pornography Arrest

12/19/16: Stabbing on Ralland Circle

12/17/16: Suicidal Subject - Railroad Tracks/W 1st St

12/16/16: DUI Collision, Lindo Channel/Longfellow

12/14/16: Commercial Burlgary/Forgery Arrest

12/12/16: Attempt Robbery, Motel 6

12/12/16: PSA - Crime Prevention if Leaving Chico During the Holidays

12/11/16: Major Injury Collision, 3rd Ave/Mangrove

12/07/16: Attempt Vehicle Theft, 5th & Ivy St

12/09/16: Retirement of K9 Luna

12/07/16: Fatal Hit & Run Arrest, Nord Ave

12/07/16: PSA - Porch Pirates

12/06/16: Recovered Stolen Vehicle Arrest, Cameo Dr

12/05/16: PSA - Crime Prevention While Shopping During the Holidays

12/02/16: Prowling, 1400 Sunset Ave

12/01/16: Armed Robbery & Attempt Car Jack, 4900 Cohasset Rd

11/26/16: Recovered Stolen Vehicle, 11th Ave & Esplanade

11/26/16: Robbery at Urban Laundry on Main Street

11/26/16: Update to Animal Abuse Case

11/22/16: Animal Abuse on Nord Avenue

11/21/16: Mud Creek DUI

11/18/16: Battery, 624 Nord Ave

11/14/16: Stabbing, 1st/2nd Ave Alley

11/13/16: Robbery: Safeway Mangrove, Lowes, Orchard Supply Hardware

11/06/16: Fatal Collision, Hobart/Citrus Alley

11/03/16: Illegal Weapons, Narcotics, Stolen Property - Matador Motel

11/01/16: Halloween Statistics

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