Capital Projects Administration is an integral part of the Engineering process and remains a critical member of problem solving teams to improve the service to our customers both internally and externally. 

Staff is actively involved in every step of the Engineering process and help by planning, developing and coordinating the functions of the Engineering Division.  Administration acts as a liaison with the City Manager’s Office and is responsible for creation and distribution of Council and Committee agenda reports.

Staff also monitor federal and state legislation.  In addition, they are responsible for a variety of special projects and events assigned by the Director. 

Fiscal responsibilities include capital improvement program generation, Nexus study preparation, contract preparation, operating and capital budget preparation, monitoring expenditures, authorizations for payment, progress and contract payments, as well as contract change orders.

Contact Information

411 Main Street
Chico, CA 95928
Tel: 530.879.6900
Fax: 530.895.4899

Administration E-Mail

Development Impact Fees Analysis and Recommendations (Nexus Study)

Development Impact Fees (*Effective August 6, 2018)
2015-2016 Development Impact Fee Final Report
Five-Year Development Impact Fee Report for the Period Ending June 30, 2013
2008-2009 Nexus Final Report
Capital Improvement Program 2013-14 through 2023-24

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