Purchase Agreements 2020


September 2020

Clean Cabling (Traffic Safety - Esplanade Communications)
Northstar Engineering (Bruce Road Reconstruction - Amendment 3)
Rolls, Anderson & Rolls (Bruce Rd Reconstruction - Skyway to 20th St - Amendment 2))
Mark Thomas & Co (Cohasset Road Widening - Phase 3)
Knife River Construction (Reconstruct Taxiways Escrow)

August 2020

Catholic Ladies Relief Society (Affordable Housing Funds)
Local Government Commission (Civicspark Americorps Program)


July 2020

CDBG Public Services (Catalyst Domestic Violence Services)
CDBG Public Services (Chico Housing Action Team-CHAT)
CDBG Public Services (Esplanade House)
CDBG Public Services (Innovative Health Care Services)
Kaivan Farahmand dba 3B Productions (Television Production Services)
CDBG Housing (Butte County Small Business Development Center)
CARD (Rotary Centennial Park)
Housing Tools (Housing Administrative Support)
Transcore ITS, LLC (Centralized Emergency Traffic Management)

June 2020

M2 Traffic Management (1-Click Traffic Analytics - Amendment 1)
Brian Firth Landscape Architect (Landscape Architectural Services)
MT Hall and Associates (On Call Material Testing - Amendment 2)
CDBG-CV Public Services (True North Housing Alliance)
CDBG-CV Public Services (Chico Housing Action Team-CHAT)

May 2020

Carollo Engineers (Groundwater Monitoring for WPCP)
NV5 (Pyrethroid Monitoring Plan)
NV5 (Big Chico Creek Receiving Water Monitoring Program)
Allevity Recruiting & Staffing, Inc (Archiving & Data Conversion Preparation)
Michael Baker International (Planning Support Services - Amendment 1)
Mark Thomas & Company (Pomona Ave Bridge Rehab Services - Amendment 1)

April 2020

Koa Hills Consulting Services (Financial Accounting and Permit System Services - Amendment 1)
Michael Baker International (Planning Support Services)

March 2020

Franklin Construction (Commanche Creek Greenway Improvement Phase 2)
Jackson & Sands Engineering, Inc (Accessory Dwelling Unit Prototype Design Services)
Knife River Construction (Esplanade Rd Rehab - Neal Dow & 5th Avenue)
GHD Inc (Map Review Services)
RCI General Engineering (SR 99 Bikeway Facility Phase 4)

February 2020

Butte County Resource Conservation Dist (Upper Bidwell Park Sediment Reduction Project)
Armed Guard Private Security, Inc (Armed Private Patrol & Security Services)
Tri County Building Maintenance (Custodial Services for City-Owned Buildings - Amendment 1)
Steve Rados, Inc (Nitrate Area 3S Phase 6 State Hwy 32)
Deer Creek Resources (Vegetation Fuels Mgt Plan Administration)
DKS Associates (ITS Plan EDA Grant Application Support)
Jason Abel Construction (Nitrate Area 3S Phase 6 Hampshire Victoria Park)
Star Energy Management (Streetlight Replacements)

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